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Engage your congregation with a next-level worship experience. Upgrade your church AV with a high-definition LED wall for vibrant visuals, clear lyrics, and announcements that won't get lost in the crowd.

  • $29,995

    The most common discussions around LED video walls we have with clients are around cost for the space. We are very transparent with our pricing and no-one should feel like they don't have all of the information. For a standard 16X9 LED wall, we are priced at $29,995. That includes all of the panels, and cables to set up the wall. The pricing that fluctuates is the installation. The mounting hardware, and amount of time it takes to install a LED video wall is different for every application. Give us a call or schedule your site walk with us to find out how your space will look with a LED video wall.

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Expert System Design & Installation Process

Our comprehensive design and installation process includes:

  • Consultation: Discussing your specific needs and goals to create a tailored solution
  • Design: Developing detailed system plans and layouts with cutting-edge technology
  • Installation: Implementing the designed system with precision and attention to detail
  • Training: Providing hands-on training to your staff and volunteers for seamless system operation
  • Support: Ongoing maintenance and technical support to ensure optimal system performance

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At Next Level AVL, we are committed to providing unmatched customer satisfaction through our expertise, professionalism, and quality workmanship. Our dedication to innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of the commercial AV and lighting industry, delivering exceptional results for your business.

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