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Lightronics RA121 - 12 Channel 1200W Rack Mount Architectural Dimmer

Lightronics RA121 - 12 Channel 1200W Rack Mount Architectural Dimmer

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  • The RA121 rack mount dimmer is suitable for church, stage, theater, school, night club, live performances and other event and artistic applications.

    The RA121 consists of a processor and 12 dimmer channels of 1.2KW each. Each dimmer channel is protected by a 10 Amp circuit breaker. Heavy duty filtering chokes are used to reduce noise. Dimmer channel semiconductors exceed a 200% load carrying capacity overhead allowance. The RA121 may be controlled by DMX controllers and several types of wall remote stations.


    • 12 Channels
    • 1200W per Channel
    • DMX-512
    • RS-485
    • Contact Closures
    • 100 Scene Memory
    • Fast Acting Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    • 19" Rack Mount
    • 1400W Available
    • 230V - 230 Volt Operation
    • SO - Socapex Outlet Panel *Non UL-508 Compliant
    • PL - Powerlock Outlet Panel *Non UL-508 Compliant
    • DP - Edison Duplex Outlet Panel
    • XT - Terminal / Barrier Connector Strip with Knockout Cover
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