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8IN 50W Coaxial Speaker, Flown or Recessed

8IN 50W Coaxial Speaker, Flown or Recessed

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The iMount® ready-to-install high performance loudspeaker provides quality sound distribution of foreground or background music in all kinds of commercial venues—it's ideal for high ceiling/high energy applications like clubs and bars, sporting facilities, concourses, hotel ballrooms, transportation terminals, convention centers, and exhibit halls. The rectangular i-Mount is designed to hang, bolt, or suspend and is suitable for open ceilings or recessed applications. Includes driver, transformer, enclosure and grille.

  • Driver (8A50):  8 in. 50W driver features 20 oz. LF magnet with 1.4 inch copper voice coil to drive a polypropylene cone with half-roll rubber surround for long cone travel and good edge damping. Post-mounted tweeter is a 1 inch balanced-drive dome protected by Ferrofluid and a first-order high-pass filter. A steel plate is mounted over the driver to protect it during shipping and installation. Remove it to mount the grille. See the driver spec sheet for more information.
  • Transformer (TLS-3270):  Includes 70V 32W transformer for superior music fidelity in 70V distributed applications. The 20/20 AudioVision™ transformer offers true 20Hz-20kHz performance. A screwdriver-adjustable tap selector switch is accessible through an opening in the grille.  Note: Lowell 20/20 AudioVision transformers have full frequency response and high power handling which allows the speaker to operate at full potential while providing a stable load to the amplifier. The transformer allows a distributed speaker system to sound imperceptibly the same as a transformer-less direct-to-voice-coil system but with easier wiring, reduced labor and less expense.
  • Grille:  Square perforated steel grille with white powder epoxy finish is ideal for applications where the speaker is suspended in a tile, sheetrock or plaster ceiling. 15.25 in. square x 0.375 in.
  • Enclosure:  2 cu.ft. precision-formed steel enclosure (23.94 in. x 18.19 in. x 8.19 in.) features anti-vibration ribs, sound-stop board, 1-1/2 in. thick premium acoustic lining and forged 1/4 in.–20 eyebolts screwed into mounting nuts for secure suspended installation (using flyware by others). Externally accessible connections are terminated through a 4 in. x 4 in. flush cover plate. Black powder epoxy finish.
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