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4 Channels, 2400W Architectural Wall Mount Dimmer

4 Channels, 2400W Architectural Wall Mount Dimmer

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The AT402 is a four channel wall mounted architectural dimmer rated at 2400 watts per channel. This dimmer accepts DMX512 control signals and momentary contact closure to activate preset scenes stored in the dimmer. It is an ideal dimmer for less complex environments where DMX is the primary control protocol utilized. It is especially well suited for churches, theaters and auditoriums, but works well in restaurants, meeting rooms or other environments requiring a few heavy-duty dimming channels. The AT series can be customized as a one, two, or four channel model. The AT402 allows you to create many functionally diverse visual environments for any space. UL-508 compliant.


  • 4 Channels
  • 2400W Each
  • DMX-512
  • Contact Closures
  • 16 Scene Memory
  • Fast Acting Magnetic Circuit Breakers
  • UL-508 Compliant
  • 230V - 230 Volt Operation
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