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Band-Pass Filter

Band-Pass Filter

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Featuring industry standard BNC connectors and a small 3” x 1.75” (7.6 x 4.5cm) footprint, these hand-tuned band- pass filters require no power or user configuration and can be easily connected in-line with wireless microphone antennas to reduce noise and improve wireless system performance.

Connect the bandpass filter in-line with your wireless microphone remote antenna connections for 40 dB of side rejection.

Note: Two (2) required for diversity wireless microphone systems. Not for use with in-ear monitor or other transmit applications.


470-560 MHz Band-pass Filter Compatibility

• Shure G50 and H5
• Sennheiser A and A1
• Sennheiser 6000/9000 Low Band
• Lectrosonics Blocks B19, B20 and B21


560-608 MHz Band-pass Filter Compatibility

• Shure J1 and J3
• Sennheiser G
• Sennheiser 6000/9000 High Band • Lectrosonics Blocks B22 and B23


470-530 MHz Band-pass Filter Compatibility

• Shure G50 and G1
• Audio-Technica DE2


530-590 MHz Band-pass Filter Compatibility

• Shure H50
• Audio-Technica EE1

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