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COMBINE8 Eight (8) Channel In-Ear Monitor Combiner

COMBINE8 Eight (8) Channel In-Ear Monitor Combiner

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The COMBINE4 UHF transmitter combiner actively combines signals from up to four in-ear monitor transmitters into a single transmitting antenna, reducing clutter, signal interference, and lowering the probability of intermodulation artifacts.

The COMBINE4 active IEM transmitter combiner brings together up to four in-ear monitor transmitter signals into a single, more powerful transmit antenna, eliminating the use of problematic multiple antennas while lowering the buildup of unwanted Intermodulation.

It provides DC power for up to four IEM transmitters to reduce cable clutter and wall warts. Combining transmitters is critical to multi-channel systems, in order to minimize intermodulation artifacts arising from multiple adjacent transmitters interfering with one another.  Suitable for use with any brand of transmitter (up to 100mW) and passive antenna. The CP Beam Helical antenna is a recommended accessory for the COMBINE4 and is available in a bundled package.

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