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DISTRO4 Four (4) Channel Antenna Distribution System

DISTRO4 Four (4) Channel Antenna Distribution System

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The DISTRO4 is a true “distribution amplifier” that distributes diversity RF and DC power across four wireless microphone receivers of any brand. 

DISTRO4 is a broadband UHF antenna distribution amplifier that routes antenna signals from a pair of diversity antennas to several receivers in a multi-channel system. DISTRO4 compensates for signal strength lost in the splitting process with high quality amplifiers. Two or more units may be cascaded together to accommodate more than four receivers with the included cascade port.

DISTRO4 features a 2000 mA internal power supply (no wall wart). For active antennas and in-line amplifiers, DISTRO4 provides an internal switch to apply DC power over coaxial cable to antenna connections. It includes all RF and DC power cables needed to connect a 4 channel wireless microphone system as well as cascade to one additional DISTRO4.

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