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Diversity Omni Antenna

Diversity Omni Antenna

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Building on the success of the highly acclaimed Diversity Fin® Antenna, the Diversity Omni Antenna is an all-new antenna system designed for omnidirectional coverage of wireless microphones. The Diversity Omni features two antennas on a single stand, capturing both vertically and horizontally polarized signals and eliminates the most common signal dropouts in a compact size.

The Diversity Omni also offers greater flexibility in antenna placement, since only one is needed in place of two separate antennas. Its weather resistant design allows it to be mounted outdoors by installing simple protection for the connectors and the provided cordura nylon cover.

The Diversity Omni Antenna is perfectly suited for indoor multi-zone projects or outdoors where large areas of coverage are needed, such as sports venues, theme parks, and amphitheaters.

To connect the Diversity Omni Antenna to a wireless microphone system, simply connect both the A and B antenna inputs from an antenna distribution system like the RF Venue DISTRO4 or DISTRO9 HDR and position the antenna where coverage is desired.

Unlike traditional omnidirectional antennas, the Diversity Omni Antenna allows receivers to see a constant signal regardless of microphone orientation - allowing the presenter to hold a wireless microphone in any position relative to the antenna. A single Diversity Omni provides superior coverage to two traditional omni antennas, allowing cost savings as well as reduced time to installation.

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