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EAW QX596i

EAW QX596i

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The new QX Series delivers high output, broadband pattern control and exceptional fidelity for a wide range of permanently installed applications. Its high output level make it appropriate for long throws in arenas and stadiums or for high-energy applications like live music venues or dance clubs. Its broadband pattern control lets it tame hostile acoustical environments like cathedrals or highly reverberant public spaces. And its exceptional fidelity pleases the most critical listeners in concert halls and performing arts centers.

The QX544i loads an ultra-efficient mid/high compression driver with a 45° (h) x 45° (v) constant directivity horn. Four Phase Aligned™ 12-in low frequency transducers arranged as vertical and horizontal pairs leverage beneficial interaction based on their spacing to extend pattern control well into the low frequency range.

Because the four low frequency transducers surround the coaxial mid/high compression driver symmetrically in both the horizontal and vertical planes, response across the full frequency spectrum appears to originate from a single point in space. This basic design facilitates an idealized summation of the three frequency sections, eliminating the anomalies associated with designs that physically offset the sections. This idealized coherence applies in both the horizontal and vertical planes throughout the coverage area.

Six year warranty.

  • High output, bi-amplified, three-way performance
  • Broadband pattern control
  • Ultra-efficient, coaxial MF/HF compression driver
  • Four Phase Aligned™ 12-in cone transducers (vertical and horizontal pairs)
  • Installation flexibility
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