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EAW V Series Loudspeakers

EAW V Series Loudspeakers

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The VFR69i two-way, full range loudspeaker system includes a direct radiating, vented, 6-in LF cone transducer and a 1-in exit / 1.25-in voice coil HF compression driver loaded with a large, square, user-rotatable 90×50 coverage pattern horn built on the classic MK Series horns. These horns deliver exceptional high frequency dispersion, and their square shape lets users “rotate the enclosure around the horn” to maintain directivity in a horizontal configuration.

The new VFR “i” revision brings the VF concept more fully into the EAW product line.

Because VF Series full range systems (VFR/VFM) use HF sections similar to those developed for the MK Series, EAW engineers could employ the same revolutionary “beamwidth-matching” internal passive crossover/filter networks that set the MK Series apart from all other two-way systems. If powered by an EAW-specified amplifier or via a UX Series digital signal processor, the VFR69i can enjoy the benefits of EAW Focusing, a technology that eliminates the anomalies inherent in the time domain of any loudspeaker.
The VFR69i omits the handles, and includes traditional features such as aparallel 4 4-terminal connector, barrier strip connector and an optional transformer. The new design leaves the enclosure sides completely smooth and attractive.

  • Six year warranty
  • Two-way, full range loudspeakers
  • Beamwidth-matching crossover point
  • User-rotatable horn for optimized pattern control
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