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Shure UA844+SWB/LC Antenna Distibution System

Shure UA844+SWB/LC Antenna Distibution System

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It seems like there’s never as much time as you’d like to do sound check. That’s why UA844+SWB Antenna Distribution System lets you stretch the power of your antenna pairs, giving you more on-air channels in less setup time. So you can set it, forget it, and have more flexibility to make sure it all sounds perfect.

  • Front-mounting antenna hardware
  • Rack-mounting hardware
  • External power supply
  • Antenna cables for receiver connections

UA844+xx/LC is also available with cable: UA844+xx

UA844+xx/LC replaces UA844xx/LC. Antenna Splitter and Power Distribution System for receivers, 4-way active antenna splitter plus cascade port, different frequency versions available, external power supply.

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