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Super Double Wide Stage Pocket

Super Double Wide Stage Pocket

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Designed for extra large capacity, the Super Double Wide Stage Pocket uses horizontal panel brackets to provide 2 times the connectivity capacity compared to the similarly sized Double Wide Stage Pocket. Connectivity is protected under the heavy duty 16” lid allowing cables to neatly emerge onto the floor through the cable way slot. Two unique hinged slot closure devices are fixed to the bezel and can be set to block the cable exit when the pocket is not in use.

The complete Super Double Wide Pocket System incorporates (3) sub-assemblies, allowing for just in time delivery at each phase of construction. Order the 134 model number to receive both the 6” Deep Back Box Pocket Body with installed panel brackets (1) and the unique Bezel and blind-hinged Lid Assembly (2) that mates with the Pocket Body. Sub-assemblies can also be ordered separately for scheduled delivery exactly when they are needed. CONNECTRIX Panels and Connectors (3) are the final sub-assembly, allowing customization of up to 50 isolated CONNECTRIX connectors to complete this UL Listed Stage Pocket System.

CONNECTRIX panels are designed for increased capacity over electrical gang sized panels and mate with the horizontal brackets in Super Double Wide Pockets. CONNECTRIX panels are guaranteed to provide appropriate placement of connectors for termination, bezel indexing, and lid clearance specific to the design of Super Double Wide Pockets.

Modular, interchangeable lids can be exchanged to customize the pocket and allow the standard 3/8” cable exit to be increased to a 3⁄4” or 1” opening to accommodate a large amount of cables (ML). Spring loaded hinges make it easy to update the lid at any time with options to install carpet in the lid (CL) or add a locking mechanism to secure the lid closed (LL).

Welded steel construction and engineered design elements support critical stage loads. The Super Double Wide Stage Pocket has been load tested to 750 lbs with no permanent deflection when installed as a complete system

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