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Super Stage Pocket

Super Stage Pocket

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The Super Stage Pocket is designed to provide almost 3x the connectivity capacity compared with the similarly sized Full Stage Pocket. Engineered to include a horizontally mounted, isolated panel bracket between high and low voltage connections, this dual application pocket offers modular options that support application flexibility and multi-phase construction requirements. Customized connectivity is protected and concealed under the modified flush lid configuration providing more cable exit room and allowing a large quantity of cables to egress neatly onto the floor through the cable exit slot. The Flush Flange modification allows the pocket to sit virtually flush on solid surface floors.

  • Capacity:

    Up To (25) Connectors and (2) AC Duplex

  • Above Floor Dimensions:

    10.5” Square

  • Floor Cut Out:

    10" x 10""

  • Under Floor Depth:

    6" Deep

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